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SIA Klīnika Denta will offer your child state-paid dental treatment and dental hygiene, because dental services for children under 18 years of age are paid for by the National Health Service.

Our excellent pediatric dentist Dr.Romāns Ošenieks has extensive experience in pediatric dentistry, helping and taking care of your child’s smile and providing them with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

We recommend that the child visits the dentist regularly, it is advisable to check the child’s oral cavity from the age of one. In this way, the child will successfully get used to the dentist and realize that it is not painful and there is no need to be afraid of the dentists. 

During the dentist’s consultation, the doctor will assess the oral health condition, determine the treatment plan and provide valuable advice for ensuring the child’s oral health. 

State-paid services for children available at SIA Klīnika Denta:

  • Dentist consultation (including X-rays);
  • Dental repair;
  • Surgical assistance;
  • Dental hygiene for children once a year, but for children aged 7, 11, 12, dental hygiene can be performed free of charge (paid by the state) twice a year.

In addition to the services above, SIA Klīnika Denta also offers for children: 

  • Coloured fillings that will make the child’s visit to the dentist more fun and will involve the child in the dental repair process. The child can choose the colour of the filling, which creates a positive attitude towards the treatment of the tooth, which later culminates in more diligent cleaning and care of the tooth.
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