SIA “Klīnika Denta” surgeons have solid experience and are able to handle heavily impacted wisdom teeth. To ensure a maximally pain-free experience during this procedure, our dentists use only high-quality and certiKed anaesthesia. After tooth extraction, please follow the dentist’s instructions and recommendations.

Recommendations after tooth extraction:

  • The swab (if any) should be kept in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • It is advisable to use a cold compress, pressed to the operated area from the outside. This will reduce swelling and the chance of hematoma.
  • Do not eat for 2 hours after tooth extraction.
  • Take the medicine if your dentist has prescribed it for you!
  • In the Krst days, avoid any physical activity, sauna.
  • Do not smoke before or after the surgery – nicotine has a negative effect on the wound.
  • Avoid vigorous rinsing during the Krst days after surgery.
  • Although good oral hygiene is essential for a good healing process, clean the operating area gently and carefully.
  • From the second day onwards, rinse the mouth with a rinsing agent recommended by your doctor – usually 2x a day. Rinse carefully!
  • Do not touch the wound with your Kngers or any other objects.
  • During the healing period, avoid alcohol, especially beer and wine!
  • Sutures, if any, should be removed after 10-14 days by the dentist.

If you have any questions regarding the surgical manipulations and the healing process, please contact your dentist.

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