Prices for services

Consultation and diagnostics EUR
Visit/Documents processing 5.00
Dentist’s consultation and examination (up to 30.00 min) 15.00-25.00
Drawing up a work plan 20.00
Control impression 10.00
Dental hygiene EUR
Tartar and soft plaque removal for both jaws with Fluoridation 60.00
Tartar and soft plaque removal for one jaw with Fluoridation 35.00
Pigment removal with AIR-FLOW – air jet method 25.00
Pharmacological treatment of gum pockets 10.00
Instruction for proper oral hygiene 5.00
Application of Tiefenfluorid 25.00
Application of thiefenfluoride to 1 tooth 5.00
Teeth whitening (in the dentist’s office) 180.00
Anti-caries prophylaxis with Icon (8-10 teeth) 200.00
Dental hygiene for children 15.00-50.00

Laser Dentistry / Periodontology


Periodontal treatment consultation (up to 30 min.)


Development of a treatment plan for the treatment of gum disease


One tooth gum pocket treatment with YAG laser


Full oral gum pocket treatment with YAG laser

120.00- 200.00

Sensitive tooth treatment using YAG laser


Postoperative wound treatment using YAG laser


Treatment of herpes, aphthous, stomatitis with YAG laser


Crown extension (Gum correction) with YAG laser in the clinic


Tooth treatment before crown cementation with YAG laser


Gum treatment before intraoral crown scan with YAG laser


Photo biomodulation using YAG laser

Ordoline | Orthodontic brace system | NEW EUR
Orthodontic consultation and diagnostics for Ordoline brace system (3Shape, Photo) 50.00
Ordoline brace system planning (as the only one manipulation) 160.00
Simple treatment for one jaw (up to 3 months) 990.00
Dental surgery EUR
Incisor (1st-3d tooth) tooth extraction 30.00
Premolar (4th-5th tooth) tooth extraction 35.00
Molar (6th-7th tooth) tooth extraction 40.00
Incisor (1st-3d tooth) tooth extraction with osteotomy 45.00
Premolar (4th-5th tooth) extraction with osteotomy 55.00
Molar (6th-7th tooth) extraction with osteotomy 60.00
Extraction of a moving tooth 20.00
Eighth (3d molar) or wisdom tooth extraction 60.00-140.00
Stopping bleeding after extraction using a swab 10.00
Removal of the gum from the wisdom tooth 25.00
Tooth root-end resection 80.00-140.00
Intra-oral incision 25.00
Application of Kedguta (silk) points 15.00
Postoperative wound treatment (with gelatamp) 15.00-20.00
Adjacent cavity closure 70.00
Gum correction for a tooth 15.00
Dental implants EUR
Dental implant (Neodent, ETK) 469.00
Dental implant (Semados, ETK) 499.00
Dental implant (Strauman) 649.00-749.00
Gum former 50.00
Bone replacement (depending on the amount of bone used) 50.00
Membrane 50.00
Bone augmentation (depending on the material used) 250.00
Removal of the implant from the bone 80.00
Dental treatment EUR
Sealing of one surface with silver amalgam 30.00-40.00
Sealing of two surfaces with silver amalgam 30.00-45.00
Sealing of three surfaces with silver amalgam 40.00-50.00
Dental crown restoration with silver amalgam 50.00
Sealing of one surface with chemically curing materials 25.00
Sealing of two surfaces with chemically hardening materials 30.00
Sealing of two surfaces with chemically curing materials 35.00
Sealing of one surface with light-curing material 45.00
Sealing of two surfaces with light-curing material 50.00
Sealing of three surfaces with light-curing material 55.00
Tooth corner restoration with light-curing material 60.00-80.00
Tooth coating with light-curing material 60.00-80.00
Aesthetic restoration of tooth crown with light-curing material 80.00-100.00
Aesthetic closure of diastema, trema with light-curing material (1 pc.) 80.00
One tooth canal Vital (mortal) amputation, extirpation 20.00-30.00
Trepanation of one tooth canal in case of periodontitis 15.00-25.00
Removing the paste from one tooth canal 15.00-25.00
Removing cement from one tooth canal 30.00-40.00
Endodontic retreatment of a single-canal tooth 60.00-80.00
Obliterated canal treatment 30.00
Pulpotomy + temporary seal 35.00
Endo whitening 40.00
Filling of one tooth canal 15.00-20.00
Pharmacological treatment of one canal 8.00
Temporary seal – removal of carious masses and closure of the cavity in the inter-session 10.00-35.00
Pediatric dentistry EUR
* The fee is applied only if the child does not have an appointment – in acute cases, when it is not possible to visit the state-paid dentist in an acute manner, or to dentists who are not registered with the National Health Service as service providers.
Consultation at a pediatric dentist 10.00
Deciduous teeth sealing on one surface 17.00
Deciduous teeth filling on two surfaces 20.00
Deciduous teeth filling on three surfaces 25.00
Single-rooted deciduous tooth extraction 15.00
Multi-rooted deciduous tooth extraction 20.00
Parallel pulpotomy and pharmacological treatment 20.00
Determination of vitality for one tooth 2.00
Dental fixing with composite materials 20.00
Amalgam seal polishing 2.00
MTA, direct pulp coating 10.00-20.00
Indirect pulp coating 10.00
Endodontics under a microscope EUR
Consultation as the only manipulation at the endodontist specialist 25.00
Consultation with a dental endodontist as part of treatment 15.00
Filling of one root canal under a microscope 40.00
Filling of two root canals under a microscope 50.00
Filling of three root canals under a microscope 60.00
Filling of four root canals using a microscope 70.00
Microsurgical root canal endodontic retreatment of a single-rooted tooth under a microscope 110.00
Microsurgical root canal endodontic retreatment of a double-rooted tooth under a microscope 150.00
Microsurgical root canal endodontic retreatment of a triple-rooted tooth under a microscope 260.00
Amputation of obliterated (calcified) canals, extirpation under a microscope for a single-rooted tooth 50.00
Amputation of obliterated (calcified) canals, extirpation under a microscope for a double-rooted tooth 60.00
Amputation of obliterated (calcified) canals, extirpation under a microscope for a triple-rooted tooth 70.00
Removal of broken tools, pins, screws from the root canal (+ work with a microscope h) 60.00
Closure of biologically or artificially created perforations (MTA and other materials) (+ work with a microscope h) 25.00
Retrograde root canal filling (tooth root-end resection is not included in the price) 30.00
Pulpectomy and treatment of one root canal (mechanical and pharmacological) 35.00
Pulpectomy and treatment of two root canals (mechanical and pharmacological) 45.00
Pulpectomy and treatment of three root canals (mechanical and pharmacological) 60.00
Pulpectomy and treatment of four root canals (mechanical and pharmacological) 70.00
Removal of root canal filling (for one root filled with gutta-percha) 20.00
Work with a microscope 1 h. 60.00
One session of work under a microscope (when applying therapy, prosthetics, surgery) 50.00
Repair of dentures EUR
Plate repair (fracture) 25.00
Welding of one tooth or one clasp 30.00
Welding of one tooth and one clasp or 2,3 teeth 35.00
Welding of four teeth 40.00
Welding of a tooth or clasp to an arch prosthesis 30.00
Arch clasp fracture repair 30.00
Denture base adjustment by polymerization 55.00
Denture base adjustment with self-curing plastic 25.00
Denture correction 10.00
Removable dentures EUR
Removable denture- partial 200.00
Removable denture- full 250.00
Full removable denture with IvoBase denture base 330.00
Partial removable denture with IvoBase denture base 270.00
Deflex elastic denture 310.00
Deflex elastic partial denture – single-sided 200.00
Deflex elastic single tooth denture 135.00
Deflex elastic partial denture repair 70.00
Denture for 1-4 teeth 90.00
Temporary 1-4 teeth denture 55.00
Individual teeth whitening mouth guard 80.00
Night dental guard 80.00
Loka protēzes EUR
Arch prosthesis manufacture for the upper jaw from 360.00
Arch prosthesis manufacture for the lower jaw from 340.00
Single-sided arch prosthesis from 200.00
Arch prosthesis manufacture + attachment price from 400.00
Fixed dentures EUR
Cermet crown 220.00-240.00
Zirconium ceramic crown 350.00-400.00
Cast cermet faceted crown 170.00
Cast metal crown with composite coating 150.00
Pressed ceramic crown or veneer (IPS e-max) 400.00
Plastic crown 45.00
Immediate manufacture of a temporary crown (extempore) 25.00
Box crown (stamped) 85.00
Metal crown (stamped) 75.00
Cast root pin (Inleja) 75.00
Cast root pin (Inleja) produced by direct method 65.00
Metal cast crown manufacture 90.00
3D Cad/cam milled PMMA plastic crown 70.00
Laboratory – Preparation of gold for one crown made out of the patient’s gold 10.00
Repair of ceramics 40.00
Immediate manufacture of a temporary crown (extempore) 25.00
Zirconium root pin (Inleja) 150.00
Orthodontics EUR
Repeated orthodontic consultation 40.00
Metal braces for one jaw 500.00
Aesthetic braces for one jaw 700.00
Self-adhesive braces for one jaw 700.00
Visit with fixed equipment (for one jaw) 20.00
Visit with fixed equipment (for both jaws) 30.00
Visit with an aesthetic arch (for one jaw) 30.00
Visit with an aesthetic arch (both jaws) 40.00
Visit with one aesthetic and one metal arch 35.00
Retention equipment 100.00
Adjustment plate 200.00
Standard myofunctional equipment (standard mouth guards for bite correction 100.00
Functional equipment for bite adjustment 300.00
Visit with removable equipment 10.00
Orthodontic moulds for one jaw 15.00
Orthodontic moulds for both jaws 25.00
First orthodontic consultation 20.00

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