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Everyone needs professional dental hygiene: both children (under 18 FREE-OF-CHARGE) and adults (taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient). In addition, a visit to a dental hygienist twice a year guarantees the quality of the work.

During orthodontic treatment, maximum attention must be paid to oral hygiene due to the high risk of complications. A visit to our hygienists about once every 6 months will help to achieve perfect hygiene.

It is recommended to do dental hygiene and to be consulted regarding dental and oral health twice a year.

The dental hygiene procedure takes 40 minutes to 1 hour. During the hygiene procedure, your smile will become whiter, because the plaque and tartar will be removed from teeth.

Children’s dental hygiene:

Caring for a child’s teeth begins already in the mother’s belly, when the expectant mother regularly visits the hygienist and also repairs the teeth. The baby is born with a sterile mouth, the microflora is formed later and with the first kiss from a father, mother or any family member who has a mouth disease, a child also receives bad bacteria. In order for the teeth to be able to withstand these aggressive bacteria, very strict oral hygiene must be followed right from the first tooth. At the beginning, this task is performed by parents, then from about the age of 3 a dental hygienist also joins the team and until the age of 8-9, teeth cleaning at home is under parental control, because the child’s hand motor function is not yet fully mature, therefore parents need to help out with the child’s tooth cleaning.

The baby’s first visit to the hygienist can be at an early age – a baby can sit on their mother’s or father’s lap and get acquainted with the office, with a noisy brush that removes bad teeth destroyers, with a vacuum cleaner for saliva, and an air blower. The first contact with the hygienist is very important, and further cooperation depends on it. The child sits independently in a chair at the age of about 3 years, the teeth are examined, polished, a delicious fluoride-containing gel is applied, the hygienist tells the parents and the child about dental care at home. It is recommended to visit a hygienist once a year, at the age of 7, 11 and 12 years – twice a year, because then there is an active change of teeth to permanent teeth and this requires special care.

According to recent studies, toothpastes with a fluoride content of at least 1000 ppm should be used from the first tooth, as this is the only way to achieve effective anti-caries action. It is written on the packaging. The amount of toothpaste the size of a pea should be placed on a toothbrush and teeth should be cleaned twice a day – after breakfast and before going to bed. From the age of about 7, a child can start using dental floss. If there are no wide gaps between the milk teeth, then the hygienist recommends that the parents floss the child’s teeth already from the age of 3.

It is recommended for children from the age of one and a half years to drink only clean water at night and to avoid feeding them with a sweet drink or mixture at night. All of this can lead to baby bottle tooth decay caries and the loss of deciduous teeth, which in turn leads to bite problems when the permanent teeth are appearing. 

It must be remembered that only successful and regular cooperation between the hygienist, the child, and the parents ensures good results and healthy teeth.

A beautiful smile is the key to our and our children’s success, and we are responsible for it as parents.

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