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Dental clinic SIA “Klīnika Denta“ is the largest private dental practice in Latvia. It offers dental services where state-of-the-art innovations meet with the experience of dentists, providing patients with top-quality dental care. The clinic features 21 dental offices, which employ more than 30 dentists with significant experience in dental therapy, surgery, implantology, prosthetics, hygiene, and orthodontics. The specialists of the dental technical laboratory of the clinic, working in tandem with the dentist, ensure excellent quality of dentures while delivering orders in a significantly shorter time!

What we stand for



Our dentists perform high-quality examinations and diagnostics with modern X-ray equipment. For example, a panoramic X-ray allows the dentist to perform a complete diagnosis of both the maxillary and mandibular teeth from a single X-ray image.


Dental prosthetists in cooperation with dental technicians in a short time recommend the best and most aesthetic solutions to replace the missing teeth. Using the state-of-the-art prosthetic solutions, e.g., zirconia, the aesthetics of which are comparable to a natural tooth, and which are manufactured in the technical dental laboratory of SIA “Klīnika Denta”, our dentists will be able to recover your natural smile and functionality. Dental technicians will repair damaged dentures, weld fallen out teeth and restore removable tooth structures in one day.


The implantologists of the clinic work with the highest quality implantology systems from the companies “Semados” (Germany) and “Straumann” (Switzerland). In turn, our surgeons not only provide high-quality implant placement in the jaw, but also high-quality and aesthetic prosthetics on implants.


SIA ”Klīnika Denta” cooperates with the largest insurance companies in Latvia: “Ergo”, “Balta”, “BTA”, “Baltikums”, “Seesam”, “If”, “Gjensidige”, “Compensa”, “Baltic Insurance House”, while in cooperation with the National Health Service children under 18 years of age are serviced free of charge.


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Chief Physician of SIA ”Klīnika Denta”. She has been working with dentures since 2001, after completing her training in Germany and the USA, where she has acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field.

In her daily routine, I. Pleskačova works both as a surgeon and a prosthetist, while independently continuing her training in various courses and symposiums of implantology, improving her professional knowledge and skills.

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Certified dentist, specialized as a dental therapist, surgeon, prosthetist, and implantologist. To learn all about the latest technologies and state-of-the-art treatments, she regularly updates her knowledge by attending international congresses, courses, and seminars. She has attended courses in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Belgium, Croatia, France, and Italy.

The doctor treats and works with care with every patient and is able to find an individual approach even to particularly fearful patients.

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DDS, Certified Dentist. Member of the Latvian Dental Association.

Provides general dental services:

  • Sealing;
  • Endodontic treatment;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Surgery;
  • Implantation.

Provides both planned treatment services and assistance in case of acute pain.

Participates in Latvian and international conferences and courses. Updates knowledge to apply state-of-the-art technologies and methods in his work.

Accessibility of environment

SIA ”Klīnika Denta” dental institution procedures for ensuring the accessibility of the environment for persons with functional disorders.

We provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to receive services in accordance with approved medical technologies, however, this opportunity is provided with the help of an assisting person.
We ask our patients to inform the clinic reception in advance by phone: +371 67553339, +371 20289289 or e-mail pieraksties@denta.lv or denta@denta.lv
For patients with movement disorders, a call button is installed at the entrance from Briķernieku Street.

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